Twilight Forever 2015 wall calendar - well hot damn!

I guess when they say forever they literally mean forever. Nice to see not everyone has left their Twilighty love behind! I definitely have not, I'm going to live as a 17 year old for always. Like always, like creepy stalker always. Don't judge me.....

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Ian Somerhalder 2015 calendar

No explanation needed. Just the best calendar ever, featuring Ian Somerhalder.

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I just bought a shirt Elena Gilbert wore on Vampire Diaries - Lucky brand Angeli drapey tank

Whooooaaahhh! Ain't I the coolest person you never knew!?!? That's right, I'm such a loser I just bought a tank top that Elena wore on Vampire Diaries and get this IT WAS ON ACCIDENT!!! Well, sorta kinda.... In my defense, when the Epi aired, actually 2 epis - Season 5 episode 9 and 10, I thought wow that tank top is so cute me wants one like that. I was doing my usual internet shopping on 6pm.com and came across a cute purple tank, I did a google lookey-Lou to see if I can find it cheaper and whaddya friggin know but the shirt that I liked from the show pops up as worn on Elena Gilbert. So it was fate and I immediately bought it. I had to buy a size small when I really wanted an XS but I'm sure it will be ok.

Here is Elena in the shirt.

You can see the reference for the shirt here on Coolspotters.

And here is the tank on 6pm.com Lucky Angeli Drapey Tank in blackberry cordial. I'm pretty sure I bought the last size small, whoops sorry.......no I'm not! It's still available in sizes L and XL for $21.99 with free shipping.

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Who the hell is still buying Twilight merchandise? Durrrr, Me!

I think I am single handedly putting Mr. Summit's kids through college. Because yes I AM still buying twilight merchandise. I'm in the "I'm so in love with twilight again" phase because most women have jumped off Edward's dick since the movies are over. Fucking good riddance, didn't want you fake ass bandwagon bitches anyways!

Wow, sometimes I sound like a terrible person. I just buy this random crap because it's sooooo so so so cheap and I think it's hilarious to wear a team Jacob bracelet to my very professional job and I work with a bunch of clueless dudes so they don't even realize the golden opportunity to make fun of me for forever. Eva. Anywhooser onto my dumb purchases!

New Moon Edward bag clip. I got this for no joke, $3 including shipping from eBay. I'd be stupid if I DIDN'T buy it. I have a big collection of bag clips, not just twilight ones but all sorts of crazy sparkly purse danglies. I hang them on my fancy ass designer purses. So yes this silly little thing will be blingy up a very $$$ purse, not bragging I just work hard play hard and I buy myself expensive things so fucking sue me.

Eclipse Black Crimson bracelet. This was $4 from amazon, it was an add-on item and I was like get in my damn cart now you adorableness YOU!!! Pretty sure I have the matching necklace that I purchased basically forever ago aka 3 years but who can keep track of all your crap? I lost count.

Just the cutest little red tattoo wolf you'll ever see. Wolfpack in the hizzy!

I'm not sure if my bracelet is racist maybe? Awkwardddddddddddd.

This is a little mini wolfey wristlet that I got for $4 from eBay. I fucking LOVE eBay! Seriously what can't you get done in your life by just purchasing something off eBay? It's my answer for everything. Another item that I'll put in my fancy ass lady bags. It will be my little joke, no one will know I'm a closet twilight freak!! SqueeeeeeeEEEEEeee! I better not put my credit card in it because what if I'm out on a business lunch and need to whip it out to pay?!?! I'd be all OMG who put this in here? *nervous giggles*

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How to be a geek: Rosalie Hale style

It's actually really easy. Just wear your twilight jewelry. Today I wore my Rosalie necklace, the second version that was released for Breaking Dawn. I actually fucking love this necklace. The bronze mixed with the silver Cullen crest is divine.......I know, I'm rolling my eyes at me too.

PS I own the first Rosalie necklace too.

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My first Twilight tshirt and also my fav twilight tshirt

Waaaayyyyy back when, probably 2008 before twilight the movie came out, I found a twilight tshirt at Walmart. Not many people, well ok many but not as many as today, had read twilight yet so merchandise was not very plentiful. When I spotted this tshirt I was soooooo so ecstatic I snatched it up real quick!

It's as plain as you can get, white tshirt with a black glittery twilight logo on the front. But I'd never seen anything as beautiful lol I wore the shit out of this shirt! It does have a little bit of pit stains currently......although in my defense I think it's more deodorant dis-coloring. Yea, I'm going with that so don't even give me that look you judgey bitch! So I'm only including the logo close-up. You're welcome.

Currently, I have many twilight tshirts I'd guess about 15. But this one, well this is my fav. Only a true twilight fan could spot it because it's not overly obvious.

See what I mean? It's a Forks High School Spartans shirt all gold foily. This also came from Walmart for $9 if memory serves me, I found this right before New Moon the movie was released so about September 2009. As you can see, it's seen better days but I think it's worn look makes me love it even more.

On the back it has the New Moon logo but it's almost illegible now. I may have to eventually start hand washing this to preserve the images. I'm pretty fucking pathetic.

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The Rover Robert Pattinson movies stills

I'm so behind on Rob Pattinson news this is the first I'm hearing of this movie lol shame on me, I guess? I watched the trailer and it looks pretty creepy. The film is set in a post apocalyptic world, Australia to be exact. I'm on my iPad and I can't find a good embedding link for the trailer so you're on your own to search that one out.

I keep trying to think of a cool Rob/apocalypse word........here are my best:

- Rocalypse
- Robpocalypse
- RPacolyptic

Those being my best you don't want to see my worst! ;) Read more about the film at the official The Rover FB page.

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Trying to capitalize on Twilight, the re-release DVD cover of The Haunted Airman starring Robert Pattinson

Haha! This one really made me lol The Haunted Airman originally came out in April 2009. I think it was a movie special on BBC. Well looks like they wanted to get some more mileage out of this so so film by giving it the old sparkle twilight treatment. Doesn't that don't look familiar? And even at the top of the DVD it says "starring Twilight's Robert Pattinson" and then the bottom "Nobody lives forever......" OMG hahahaha hahahaha. I give them credit for trying though.

I've never seen this but K has. She told me not to waste my time.

I can only find this version for sale on amazon.uk The Haunted Airman UK version for £6.49 but I would not recommend buying this version for watching since it is a region 2 DVD meaning most US DVD players will not be able to play it.

You can get the US version The Haunted Airman but it will NOT have the Twilighty cover version.

Here is a description:
Adaptation of Dennis Wheatley's novel 'The Haunting of Toby Jugg' starring Robert Pattinson as Flight Lieutenant Jugg, a young RAF pilot who is confined to a wheelchair after being wounded in action. He is sent to a remote hospital in a Welsh mansion to recuperate, but after suffering worsening nightmares and visions he begins to suspect the methods of his psychiatrist, Dr Hal Burns (Julian Sands). His beautiful Aunt Julia (Rachael Stirling) seems to be the only person he can trust - until circumstances make him doubt even her intentions.

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Stephanie Meyer's DIY original twilight book covers

How did I miss these? These are the working book covers Stephanie made herself and used while the books were in progress. I think it's cute she made them herself lol BUT........


I am going to make fun of these. Don't hate on me. I love Twilight LOVE! You know this, I know this, everybody knows this. But I think even SM herself makes fun of them, she titled the page "Craptastic Covers."

Where in the world do you begin with this? The words hot and mess never suited each other better. She used this back when the working title was "Forks." First, thank goodness she changed the title. What if you saw the book in a bookstore and never picked it up because you literally thought it was about eating utensils. Riveting I'm sure. And the font! Something I would love back in the 6th grade and would have used it to title my book of pogs. Who remembers pogs? Andddddd the creepy faded eyes all floaty like. Edward's eyes would never do that......

Honorable mention for the amazing (eye-roll) photoshop paint brush filter.

Wtf? Where are we? Are we in a closet or the forest? Maybe we got kidnapped by trolls that do really awful photoshop work. Like the amazing Great job on inverting that doorknob. Pretty sure the font is named Papyrus because I used it all the time on my first computer, a Gateway that came in a cow print box. I was sophisticated.

Is this better than the first one? That's like asking if you'd rather have the strep throat or diarrhea.

Hi. Hello. Yep that's a giant see through hand waving at you from the woods. And why are the letters all crooked? The hand is all like I'm craAAAAAZZzy. Maybe the hand is bitch slapping us and that's how we will see the title all jumbly after we got smacked hard as shit.

Well, this one is pretty tame. I mean, it's awful but ya know......But look at those wolf eyes! Terrifying.

This was made by Small after they came up with the hands and apple for the twilight cover. I don't think you can hold a moon in your hands though, it's a little bigger than an apple. Just saying.

I know that font. Everybody knows that font. It's the famous Chiller font which we all used to write mock psychopath murderer notes to our friends.......maybe that was just me?

This was the sequel to Twilight that became New Moon - Breaking Dawn. That's all I have to say about that. This red eyed chic kinda looks like Kstew in a creepy kinda way.

This shit is Boring!!! B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!! That is all.

You can see where they got the idea for the imagery for the Eclipse artwork. What is Edward smirking about up there? He kinda looks like he farted.

So, where are the rest of the covers for BD? I don't know either so don't ask me!

See the covers and Stephanie's commentary HERE.

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Some of my Twilight jewelry we made!

Back in the day, like when New Moon was coming out, K and I were making twilight inspired jewelry. We were selling on etsy and we were doing pretty good! And if I do say so myself our designs were adorable. After a while Summit contacted us with a cease and desist letter telling us we could no longer sell our designs :(

Can't say I really blame them, but it was a sad day for us.

Anyways! Here is our New Moon long charm necklace. It has a crescent moon, crystal beads, a motorcycle, a howling wolf, and a feather.

Here's how it looks on.

And bonus pic! This is my st. Jude bracelet, a replica of the one Bella wears.

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New Moon Vol. 2 graphic novel to be released 12/16/14

Wowwwwww December 16, 2014 is forever away!

"Bella and Edward find themselves facing new obstacles, including a devastating separation, the mysterious appearance of dangerous wolves roaming the forest in Forks, a terrifying threat of revenge from a female vampire and a deliciously sinister encounter with Italy's reigning royal family of vampires: the Volturi."

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What toys to donate to Toys for Tots? Durrr Twilight Barbies

I wanna wish you a very Twilighty Christmas from the bottom of my hearttttttt!

Every year I donate toys to Toys for Tots and I like to spread the Twilight joy. Tis'the season! So this year I got a couple of Twilight Barbies, and they were so cute I almost kept them for me lol K has the entire collection, let me emphasize ENTIRE! Every. Single. One.

I feared that Bella and Edward would be separated a la New Moon and we all now how that goes, we don't need Barbie cliff diving and jumping on the back of greasy strangers motorcycles (btw could they have found a more unattractive guy for that scene?). So I averted the crisis by rubber banding them together and writing a little note......

It says "Please keep the Bella and Edward Barbies together as one gift. They're meant to be together forever!"

Here they are at work! Love the mini bouffant.

I also bought some YA fiction from John Green to donate. I have never read his stuff but they're supposedly award winning? I dunno, I was tempted to buy some smutty YA but I chose the responsible adult path.

Today's bonus pic is from the 2009 New Moon premiere that K and I attended in NYC. We were interviewed the the NY channel 4 news. We were making fun of the guy interviewing us but I don't think he realized it which made it way more fun :)

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